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Bach Flower Remedies

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

They are based on the research of Dr. Edward Bach, an MD and bacteriologist in the early 1900s. Dr. Bach noticed the connections between stress, emotional problems and the onset of illness in his
patients. He understood the need to treat the patient as a whole organism rather than a set of isolated symptoms. He went in search of a simple, safe way to restore balance of the immune system in an effort to fight disease. He discovered properties in flowers, trees and bushes that provided him with the remedies or “essences” that he was looking for. Although these essences are taken from plants, they contain a very small
amount of plant material, and therefore, are very safe to use. They help the body to help itself.

How do Bach Flowers work?
They are a form of “energy” medicine. They are non-toxic, gentle remedies that can be used alone or
to supplement and strengthen other conventional medical treatments for your pet. They help to
improve the function of the immune system and to help fight disease by helping to produce a balanced
state of mind. While it may seem strange to think of a dog or cat suffering from “stress” we certainly
know that pets can develop behavioral problems, and these problems in turn influence an animal’s
The biggest problem we face when treating problems with our pets is that they can’t tell us how they
feel. They can’t say that their fear of storms is causing diarrhea. We have to try and interpret their
signals for them. And, together, armed with you knowledge of your pet, we can develop an appropriate
therapy using veterinary medications assisted with Bach Flower remedies.

How to use Bach Flowers
1. Because this is a form of “energy medicine”, Bach Flower Remedies can be affected by other
energies. Protect the remedies from electrical appliances such as microwaves, computers and
televisions. Also, protect them form extreme temperatures as well.
2. To prevent contamination do not touch the tip of the dropper or sprayer to yourself or your pet.
If it does touch the mouth, wash the dropper.
3.There is no wrong way to dose, and no side effects come from using the Bach Flowers. The only
error in not choosing the right essence is that it won’t work and we’ll need to try again to interpret
your pet’s signals. Dosing depends on the severity of your pet’s condition. In an emergency (an
upcoming thunderstorm) you can use 3-4 drops every 10-15 minutes or 3-4 drops 1-4 times daily for
something less immediate.
4. Bach Flower Remedies are very easy to use. You can massage the drops gently into the corner of
your pet’s lips, its gums, into its earflaps or skin. You can add 6-8 drops per day into drinking water
or bathwater or can be sprayed into a room or kennel that you pet occupies.