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Dr. Mar Doering and her
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Together we work to modify or change behavior in the most positive way!

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Behavioral Care

I am proud of the behavioral work we do. This is an area of veterinary medicine that is too often overlooked. I work closely with you and your pets to help form an understanding of just what a pet’s misbehavior or anxiety comes from. Together we work to modify or change the behavior in the most positive way. In a sense you learn to “speak” your dog’s or cat’s language; to communicate with them.

Our work goes way beyond simple obedience training. Although, I teach that, too.

Whether you have a puppy needing tips for potty training, chewing, jumping, or excessive barking, a dog with separation anxiety or even a cat with biting issues- together we can make a difference for your pet’s sake.


I don’t want to kid you, you will have lots of work to do and it will take time. Each day you will need to work with and exercise with your pet but, through the work, you will be creating a bond of trust and respect with your pet. The rewards will come in the form of a stronger pet connection.

Now for the particulars of a behavioral consultation: All you need to bring with you to the appointment is your pet and a very open-to-learning point of view. If your pet has a favorite food reward, bring that, too, and if your pet is a dog, bring a leash. Plan on spending 1 ½ to 2 hours at the clinic for the first appointment. These are private, one on one sessions with you, your pet and me. The whole family is welcome, but I don’t recommend bringing very young children. Everyone needs to focus on the work and the session is a long one. We can set up a second appointment to include the younger ones. And, yes, exceptions can and have been made.

What problems can be helped with a behavioral consultation? You name it and I’ve probably seen it. I’ve seen dogs with thunderstorm phobias and many types of anxieties, including separation anxiety. I’ve seen dogs with fear aggression and territorial aggression. And I’ve even seen dogs and cats that just needed help in house training or adjusting to a new baby coming into the family.

While I usually work with pets that have already developed problems, I love starting early in a youngster’s life with a “puppy or kitten kindergarten” class so that a true pet connection builds and problems never develop. This can be individual or group classes.

Further, I’m available to counsel potential new owners so that they find the perfect pet for their family and lifestyle.

Building the best bond between you and your pet is my passion in life. If I can help you and your pet, or if you need more information, please contact All Paws Medical and Behavioral Center at 573-896-4040.