All Paws is a “Fear-Free” Practice

To me, one of the most important things you can do as a veterinarian is to treat pets with kindness, caring and respect. This is essential in preventing fear and anxiety. This also goes hand in hand with practicing quality medicine and surgery, and in all aspects of behavioral work. In my mind, a calm and happy pet is a healthier pet, too. In the early spring of 2017, I attended a veterinary conference and learned that there is a growing movement in our profession to honor veterinarians who specialize in “Fear-Free” practices. There is even a certification process available to determine which veterinarians and veterinary clinics are worthy of the title “Fear-Free” and to help pet owners recognize these “Fear-Free” clinics. I am very proud to say that I quickly earned my certification and became recognized as the first veterinarian to achieve “Fear-Free” status in Mid-Missouri. This is pretty big deal to me because our patients and their care means the world to me. As our motto says, “Medicine is a science, Caring is an art,” I believe this with all my heart. Every pet we see deserves to be treated with caring and with respect.

Mar Doering, DVM