We take it very seriously when you bring a beloved pet in for surgery.

Surgical Care

Every surgical procedure is performed with absolute care and attention because you and your pet are counting on us to give 100 percent each and every time.

We take it very seriously when you bring a beloved pet in for surgery.  Even when we’ve have performed a procedure hundreds of times, we always work as if it is our first time because you and your pet are counting on us.

There are many parts to a surgery and we make certain to get every single one of them right.

  • Pre-anesthesia blood work for all pets 7 years old or older or for high risk patients
  • Pain management is most important to us. Pre-surgery patients receive medication to prevent and control pain.  Post- surgery medication is given as our patients may need.
  • Our anesthesia protocol is the safest. We use a combination of injectable sedation and pain medicine. Then patients are intubated with an endotracheal tube and placed on a gas anesthesia machine.  They recover quickly and comfortably.
  • During surgery, a highly trained veterinary assistant monitors all vital functions including respiration, heart rate and blood pressure. All patients are placed on an electrocardiograph, and a heating pad warms patients and keeps them comfortable throughout surgery.
  • Surgical closure or suturing is performed with great care. It is important to keep this comfortable so pets don’t lick and chew at the sutures. Internal, absorbable sutures are used in most cases for the easiest post-surgical care.
  • Following surgery your pet is monitored as it awakens comfortably in a heated kennel.
  • We usually choose to release our patients to their loving family the night after surgery. Because our anesthesia protocol is so safe, they are ready and very able to return home that night with car instructions, and I feel the best place to be for your pet is with the family they love so much.

Every step of the way our patients are treated with care and respect.